Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saudi father kills daughter for converting to Christ

Gulf News, a paper from the United Arab Emirates, has reported that a Saudi man working with the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice recently killed his daughter for converting to Christianity by cutting out her tongue and burning her to death. A few days before her death, the girl had written on a blog that she was a member of that her life had become an ordeal after her family members grew suspicious about her after she had a discussion about religion with them. She wrote that her brother had found some Christian articles written by her as well as a cross sign on her computer screen. Angry, he blamed her conversion on the Internet.

It was surprising to me that this story actually made it into an Arab paper at all (even in as liberal a Muslim country as UAE). But it is worth noting that the reporting of this story makes no comment that the killing of this girl was an inappropriate act by her father. Rather than making any mention of how wrong this action was, the author gives the incident a postmortem by blaming the Internet:

Saudi religious scholars have frequently warned against the dangers of Christian internet websites and satellite TV channels which attract Muslim youngsters to change their religion.

They decreed that watching these channels or browsing these websites which call for conversion to Christianity by various means is against the teachings of Islam.


Christine said...

How tragic this young girl's life ended so abruptly. Praise God she's with Christ right now. Praise God that the Internet has been opened for other Muslim's and non-believers to see the Way, the Truth and the Life thru Jesus Christ! We must continue to pray for perseverance, strength and boldness for the true Church world wide. We must pray even for here in North America where many of the "pastors" of our so-called churches refuse to speak the biblical truth. Lord, come quickly.

nachtwache said...

She's in Jesus' arms. She probably has been saved from much; being a woman in Islamic countries must be awful for many! What evil makes the parents do such horrible things? It's not enough to kill their children, they have to make them suffer!