Monday, August 17, 2009

Looking ahead to September’s newsletter

sept09_nlTomorrow we sign off on the September newsletter and I thought that you might like a peek at what we have coming up.  If you already receive the newsletter, you can look forward to another great edition.  I really like the cover this month. What do you think? Also, if you are receiving our newsletter each month, may I encourage you to let others know that they should subscribe or, alternately, send us their names and addresses and we will offer them a free subscription along with an offer to receive a free book or DVD?  This is a great way that you can help us raise a voice for those whose voice is often ignored or hardly heard.

If you are not receiving our newsletter and you live in Canada, I would encourage you to consider subscribing right away so that you can get a copy of next month’s edition. It’s free, of course, with no strings attached.

Here are the highlights of the September edition of The Voice of the Martyrs Newletter:

  • Reaching out to a tortured nation - At independence, hopes were high that Eritrea could become a model democracy for Africa. Today those dreams lie in tatters as the government has imprisoned tens of thousands of citizens, tortures at will, and pursues a systematic policy to eradicate evangelical Christianity.
  • Living in the shadow of the cross - Revelation 8-11 reminds us that while God is concerned with justice, His first priority is to offer mercy to those who need to repent. How does He do that? Through us. Those who are protected (sealed) from the wrath of God are protected for a purpose--to be His witnesses even though it will likely result in rejection, hostility and even death.
  • Alem’s story - Alem is a patriotic and experienced soldier whose ability and skills were valued by his military colleagues. However, in 2005 they presented him with a stark ultimatum. He was called to a meeting and told, “Give up your faith or go to prison.” Alem had already made the choice and replied that he would continue to follow Christ. He was promptly arrested and sent to prison.
  • Hindu persecutor becomes witness - Vasant Pai grabbed the leaflets from the young evangelist’s hand. He looked at the flyer with disgust. “Do You Need Salvation?” it read. As he tore the leaflet apart piece by piece, others in his group beat the witnessing Christian. Vasant joined the attackers. But even though he hated Christians, he was also curious about their saviour Jesus Christ.
  • What you can do - Each month, The Voice of the Martyrs provides practical ways that you can stand you’re your brothers and sisters around the world. In September, join us and other Canadians in launching a petition campaign to pressure the Eritrean government to stop its oppression of its Christian citizens.

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