Friday, December 04, 2009

Remember Father Nguyen Van Ly in Vietnam

Father Nguyen Van Ly, who was sentenced to eight years in prison in March 2007, recently suffered a severe stroke (click here for more information). He was admitted to the military hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam. At last report, he was semi-paralyzed but was conscious and able to speak. Family members report that he is being treated well.

We encourage you to pray for Father Nguyen Van Ly at this time and continue writing him letters. We also encourage you to write to the Vietnamese government requesting Father Nguyen Van Ly's release.
You can write Father Nguyen Van Ly at the following address:
Father Nguyen Van Ly
Ba Le Thi Phu Dung
C5/1H Tran Nao, Khu Pho 1
Phuong Binn Khanh, Quan 2
TP Ho Chi Minh
You can also write a letter using a helpful online tool from VOM-USA's Prisoner Alert website by clicking here
Please remember when writing a letter to never mention the name of the source of your information or the name of any organization such as The Voice of the Martyrs. It is not dangerous for a prisoner to receive letters from individuals, but if an organization is mentioned they may be accused of links with "foreign organizations" and receive harsher sentences. Also, please do not state anything negative about their government.

For more information about writing letters, check out our advocacy page at

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