Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Voice of the Martyrs Canada appoints new C.E.O.

The following is the official press release announcing the appointment of Corey Odden as VOMC's C.E.O. beginning January 2010. Please pray for Corey and his family as well as the staff at VOMC during this time of transition.

Contacts: Glenn Penner/Floyd Brobbel, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, 905‐670‐9721

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario. -- December. 29, 2009 / ‐‐ The Board of Directors of The Voice of The Martyrs Canada, a non‐profit charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for persecuted Christians around the world, is pleased to announce the appointment of Corey Odden to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Corey Odden joins VOM‐Canada after having served most recently as Vice‐President of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Prior to that, Mr. Odden served for 10 years as the Chief Financial Officer with The Voice of the Martyrs in the United States and had the opportunity to travel to many countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia in service to the persecuted church.

Mr. Odden will officially assume the role of C.E.O. from Rev. Glenn Penner on January 4, 2010. Rev. Penner, who has been battling Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia since 2002, will assume a more specialized role that will enable him to continue to serve the Persecuted Church more in line with his health limitations. Rev. Penner has been with the mission since 1997, during which time he authored an extensive study on the theology of persecution and discipleship and ministered across the world to suffering believers.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rev. Peter Jardine, is confident of the Lord's provision during this time of transition. "Glenn Penner took the mission to a level of excellence which leaves me both thankful to be part of it and humbled by the extent of it. I am profoundly thankful that Glenn will continue to be involved, spending time on his great work on the theology of persecution and remaining as an invaluable resource to the leadership."

Rev. Jardine is also excited about the addition of Mr. Odden to the mission. "I cannot thank God enough for bringing to us Corey Odden, who is, in my humble opinion, uniquely qualified to step into the C.E.O.'s office. We remain in God's hands, secure in the knowledge that He is guiding us, sustaining us and loving us through this difficult but rewarding work."

In anticipation of joining the team and VOM‐Canada, Mr. Odden stated, “I am deeply grateful for the testimony of my friends, the late Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, and their son, Mihai, who stirred the hearts of Klaas and Nellie Brobbel to establish VOM’s mission in Canada nearly 40 years ago. In addition, Glenn Penner has assembled a highly qualified and dedicated team. It is an honour to serve alongside the staff and volunteers as we raise the voice of such Christians who would otherwise be forgotten.”

About The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

The Voice of the Martyrs Inc., a registered non‐profit charitable organization founded in Canada in 1971 by Klaas and Nellie Brobbel, has been ministering to persecuted Christians worldwide for nearly 40 years in more than 50 countries. The Voice of the Martyrs, which has multiple missions around the world, was founded by Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian pastor who was imprisoned and tortured for 14 years for professing his faith in Christ.

For more information on The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, please visit www.persecution.net or contact thevoice@persecution.net.


Anonymous said...

I want to welcome Mr.Odden and his family.I will pray for him and his family.That the Lord will bless them as they make the transition from their home country to Canada.Even thoygh it is with sadness that we had to say farewell to Glenn Penner as our CEO,it is with thankfulness to God that he has called Mr Odden to lead us in our calling to serve his church where she needs our faithful prayer and support during fierce times of battle.The apostle Paul reminds us in his letter to the Ephesian church that" we are not fighting against people but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world,against those mighty powers of darkness who rule the world,and against the wicked spirits in the heavenly realms."More than ever we need to call the church in the free world to be alert and pray.
Even though I never met Glenn in person,he has been a mentor and teacher to me in the biblical theology of persecution and discipleship.Thank you Glenn for your leadership to all of us and specially to me.The only thing i have against you is that i bought all the books that you recommended and ,yes,i enjoyed them !!
May God hold you and strengthen you in these times of pain and suffering.
Suzanna meyer

Arla M. said...

I join Suzanna in welcoming Mr. Odden and his family. I am thankful to God for calling him to his new position, and pray that the Lord will always provide guidance and much wisdom in this important ministry. I also pray for Glenn, that his health will improve, and that he can continue to serve the Persecuted Church in a slightly different role. I pray that God would keep His whole Church on earth submissive to Him, and enable His children to be channels of His love for the whole world!

Lorraine said...

Welcome and thank you for taking up the torch. The Lord richly bless you and your family as you proceed in this path He has shown you.

Glenn Penner said...

Greetings Ladies, from the hospitl. Thank you to for the kind words. Fear not, Suzanna, I will still have books ot recommend and to to tempt you you with :-).

May Corey find you to be the prayer sypport that I have!