Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Newly-converted Christians expelled by sons in Bangladesh

What does it take to pressure someone into expelling their own parents from home? Violence? Threats of imprisonment? Harm against their loved ones?

Compass Direct this week reported on two brothers in a western Bangladesh village who were pressured by local Muslims into expelling their parents, who came to faith in Christ in early November. “Why should your parents live in this village? They do not have right to live here because they are no longer Muslims,” the Muslims reportedly told the brothers. In this case, the main threat was that if the brothers allowed their parents to stay in the home then their children would never be allowed to marry anyone in the village.

The banished Christian couple remains steadfast in faith, even as they struggle to find food and deal with the pain of being rejected by their own sons. “I got salvation in Jesus. In this shelter without food, I am ready to flirt with death by debilitating illness or by attack by Muslim neighbours, but never will I go back to Islam,” said the 70-year-old father and grandfather.

What hardship for new converts to face. And yet, what a testimony this couple is giving to the peace that comes with entrusting all things to Christ. We can hope and pray that the Lord not only provides for them, but works through them—and, God willing, even draws their sons to faith in Christ.

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