Monday, January 12, 2009

A word of wisdom about emails

emailjail In searching for up-to-date reports on David and Fiona Fulton, I ran across a very helpful article (from the Jakarta Post, of all places) on how to be sure an indiscreet email does not land you in jail.  The article begins,

An indiscreet email that falls into the wrong hands can land you in jail.

Take the case of David and Fiona Fulton, a British missionary couple in Gambia. According to The Times, an email critical of the country's president fell into the hands of a Gambian who promptly forwarded it to the Gambian police.

The couple, hoping for leniency, pleaded guilty to sedition. Without luck: In December, the court sentenced them to a year in jail with hard labor.

If you're working in a foreign country, how can you avoid a fate like this? Well, there are technical solutions but they aren't much use without a good dose of common sense.... 

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