Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prayer is the place to start

Every morning, our staff here at The Voice of the Martyrs gathers together in the main entrance of our office for a time of prayer as we commit ourselves, our work, and those we serve to God.  I confess that I find it hard to keep my eyes closed while others are praying and my gaze frequently wanders to the wall-size painting below, depicting the various countries where VOMC works and where there is violent persecution.  As I stare at this wall in our office, I am often reminded of those I have met, served with, and pray for. I find that a prayer map is a great way to focus my thoughts.


If you would like to have a printed prayer map/poster of your own (similar to the one painted on our wall), why not contact us and have us send you one for free.  I regret that we can only send them to those with Canadian mailing addresses, though.  Let's make 2009 a year where we begin each day in the presence of God, remembering our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering for what we believe in.

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Michelle said...

Awesome map. I see Belarus standing alone above Ukraine. May the dark areas of this map grow smaller and smaller.....