Thursday, October 22, 2009

Toronto-area imam accused of preaching hate

Today’s National Post is reporting how a Toronto-area imam is being accused of using derogatory language against Jews and Christians, calling for Allah to “destroy” the enemies of Islam from within and calling on God to “damn” the “infidels.” [click here for the full article and discussion].

The address, given last Friday by Imam Saed Rageah at the Abu Huraira Centre, has been posted on YouTube (watch it below). 

I would encourage you to read the article and watch the video (if you have the time) and then let me know what you think.  What sort of response is appropriate to this kind of preaching in a free, multicultural society like Canada’s? (Note: please review this blog’s comments policy before posting.  Thanks)


Anonymous said...

In Canada we have freedom of speech and I believe that this Imam has the right to tell his congregation what he sees as the right way to be a muslim.As far as to forbid a woman to have her face covered with a burka is ridiculous.The way the people dress in the gay pride parade offends me but I do not think that there should be a law against.Behind this is the fear of the Muslim religion.And if you are weak in your own convictions,you should be.For christians it means"be strong in the Lord"and live as followers of Jesus in his Love and obedience to God,his Father.Suzanna Meyer

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you... the gay pride is absolutely disgusting, and the law about no burka is completely RIDICULOUS!?! There is NO logical reasoning at all behind it, and it is completely useless... Thank God we live in North America =D
Proud to be an American!!!

Anonymous said...

Many Christians will say very similar things about eternal judgement for those who are not Christians, etc. And the more theologically liberal groups within the broader definition of "Christian" condemn those as hate. The fact that this hits the National Post reflects the ongoing fear of Islam in our nation as much as anything else. Of course he has the right to say these things freely, without hinderance. He must have that right.

Glenn Penner said...

Imam Saed Rageah has since also stated that he did not intend to insult non-Muslims during his address (see
Whether he is genuine or not, I leave that between him and God. But I thought that I should make this known, in our pursuit of being fair-minded