Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unbelievable statement of the day

Prawate Khid-arnJust when I thought that I had heard it all, I read an Ecumenical News International press release this afternoon about a recent World Council of Churches trip to North Korea, sponsored and at the invitation of the North Korean government. In it, one of the leading representatives, General secretary of the Christian Conference of Asia, Prawate Khid-arn, said following this, his first visit to North Korea:

"The Church (in North Korea) still has the freedom to carry out its mission, but of course, still has some limitations. The challenge of the church is how to do its mission in a different societal system."

Freedom? Some limitations? Challenge to do mission in a different societal system? 

Where do I begin to pick apart such a singularly silly statement? Anyone who has done any small amount of research on religious freedom in North Korea sees this statement for what it is; pure political posturing without an ounce of credibility.

Keep in mind that the WCC was the same gang that denied that there was persecution in the former Soviet Union and called Richard Wurmbrand a liar.  Sadly, they continue to show, far too often, a greater concern with supporting anti-western regimes than they are in uncovering and stating the entire truth and publicly standing together with their brothers and sisters who are paying the price for a faith they claim to believe in.


Anonymous said...

The WCC is to me the wolf in sheepclothes.For every christian let the bible be the absolute word of God and no matter what these so called "leaders"say let what God says in his word be the absolute guideline.
The sad thing is that these "leaders"sow confusion among the "common" folk like me.But ,praise God,we have his word to "examine the spirits"to see if they are from God or not.I know from true reports out of North Korea that the followers of Jesus suffer,are persecuted.And no surprise,the ideology of the North Korean government is violently opposed to Jesus,as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.Suzanna Meyer

Anonymous said...

Freedom?? Some limitations??? These people need God's Word... the living water, the bread of life... why won't they let us share that free gift of eternal life with them?? Hopefully someday, we will be able to reach out to them, in a more prosperous way then ever before!! We are praying for you - ;)

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm...I wonder if entry to NK was only allowed if certain pre-agreed to comments were released?

Glenn Penner said...

I am sure that they knew these folks would give a favourable report before they were allowed in.