Friday, October 02, 2009

Two Nigerian pastors arrested for cursing country’s leaders

This morning as I was checking through my RSS feeds, I came across this interesting story from Nigeria.  Not sure if this is a case of persecution or not.  I would love to hear what you have to say. Please leave a comment and let’s chat.

Nigeria: Two Pastors Arrested For Cursing The Country's Leaders

Ben Ukeji

2 October 2009

Lagos — THERE was a mild drama yesterday during Nigeria's 49th Independence anniversary celebration at the Eagles Square Abuja, when two men who claimed to be men of God walked to the podium with a Holy Bible to protest what they described as the continued misrule and insincerity of Nigerian leaders.

The duo swore with the Holy Bible, rained curses on Nigerian leaders, asking them to repent.

However, they were arrested and whisked away by security operatives in a car belonging to Abuja Crime Control Squad (ACCS), after interrogation.

The incident which occurred before the arrival of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Sen. Adamu Aliero and his Minister of State, Chuka Odom was witnessed by some diplomats.

One of the suspects, John Gideon insisted that they received an inspiration from God to deliver the message to Nigerian leaders of the doom awaiting them, unless they repented.

The protesters walked straight the podium meant only for dignitaries, said some prayers, uttered abuses and then left the Bible on the podium.

They were arrested after they refused attempt by security operatives to force them to remove the Bible left on the podium. All efforts to trace their whereabouts proved abortive as no official of the administration nor the security team at the venue was willing to discuss the matter.

Daily Champion however, learnt that Gideon and his friend were taken to the FCT Police command for further interrogation.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Champion at Eagles Square, Gideon insisted that they had a message from God and unless the leadership of the country repented from its sinful ways, hell fire was their next destination.


Paul B said...

If they broke the law by disturbing the peace, interfering with protocol, etc, then being detained or arrested would not be persecution, it would simply be a legitimate response by the government.

But if there's abuse, or refusal of representation, or the authorities won't tell anyone where these men are, that's beyond any rational legal response and would constitute persecution.


Anonymous said...

This story makes me think of the story of Jonah.The dangers for Jonah were indeed very great in going to Nineveh.It was not even his own country and he had to tell them:Repent or perish!
The message of God to a sinful world is still the same."Repent or perish!"
I believe that these men,pastors,were indeed told by God to bring this message to a leadership that has shown lack of realising that they are accountable to God for their leading the nation of Nigeria.I admire their obedience to God and their love for their country.
Jesus words to the leaders of his days were in no way any "softer"!!
He was crucified for it.Are we,his followers,willing to warn our leaders of the "Russian Roulette" they are playing with their souls and ours??And PAY the price??
Suzanna Meyer

Arla M. said...

I agree with Paul, but think of how these men took their "message from God" and delivered it. The Nigerian leaders did not seem to even be present when the message was delivered, and as God does not force Himself on anyone, should His spokespeople, force our message on the world? I doubt very much that the witness of these 2 men did much to further the gospel in Nigeria. When I try to put myself in the shoes of an unbeliever, I don't think I would be "cut to the heart" by a message with only the law, and not spoken in love, but with condemnation, however legitimate that call to repentance is. Maybe there is a way they could gain access to Nigerian leaders that is in keeping with state regulations and Christian politeness. Most people judge the God of the messenger by the actions of the messenger, I would think. Having said that, I don't live in Nigeria, and it must be very hard to see the abuses of Christians and not be moved to drastic action.