Monday, May 05, 2008

More on Theology Matters

On Friday I read an article,"Why Theology Matters" by Michael Craven, which I think speaks to the weblog discussion that's been going on recently regarding the importance of theology in the Christian walk (see also Glenn's April 14 entry "Is Doctrine Worth Dying For"). I found the article to be very articulate and challenging and I especially liked Craven's reminder the lack of a proper biblical theology leads to a "less than adequate witness of the Gospel." To read it, click here. Hope you will find it a worthwhile read as well.

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Anonymous said...

A hearty "Amen!" It would appear that much of "Christendom" (by a loose definition) has gravitated toward experiential theology. It could be frightening that the din of adrenaline induced "epiphanies" have seemingly reduced the truth of God's Word to a mere whisper. Jesus' promise to build His Church still stands, though, and God continues to raise up solid teachers to answer the burning questions of our time, even when some of us are not yet prepared to ask them.