Monday, April 13, 2009

One story from Orissa

Sometimes as we hear stories of persecution, especially when hundreds or thousands of people are involved, it is easy to forget that individuals are involved.  Here is the story of one courageous girl who was among the thousands of Christians who were attacked by Hindu militants during the wave of violence that swept through her home state of Orissa, India last year.

clip_image001[12]14-year-old Manini is from Burakama, a village in the Kandamala district. When Hindu militants attacked her family in late August 2008, she was beaten until she was unconscious. Then, unaware of what was happening to her, she was raped (thankfully she has no memory of this). Her attackers then poured gasoline on her, set her on fire and fled.  Shocked in consciousness by the burning of her flesh, she ran to a tub of water and poured water on herself. But it was too late. The right side of her body was totally burnt.

In the months following, she received treatment and underwent a number of surgical procedures for the burns. She is now going for weekly therapy to help restore movement in the affected areas. 

VOMC contacts who recently met with her ask that we remember Manini in prayer. One said, “She is an amazing person…She has the joy of the Lord in her and she told me that if the Lord gives her a chance, she wants to have the courage to tell those that did this to her about the Lord and His love and forgiveness.” On April 9, she went through yet another surgery in one of the best private hospitals in Indore.

Please pray for Manini as she continues to recuperate and rehabilitate from her injuries.



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AliceP said...

What an amazing girl!

What about all the other christians who are still be persecuted in India?!

Premier Radio and Open Doors have created an online petition which they're going to give to India's Prime Minister, Dr. Singh to encourage him to stop the persecution.

I've signed it. Everyone else needs to sign it too! We need to get Dr Singh to act now!!

you can sign the petition at