Monday, April 20, 2009

Saudi Christian’s blog still blocked

There is no news on the recent removal of Hamoud Saleh Al-Amri’s (previously reported as Hamoud Bin Saleh) blog from the Internet.  In a Compass Direct report on Thursday, Gamal Eid, director of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI ) said that he was not surprised the blog was blocked.

“That’s what I expected,” he said. “But he will probably start another blog – it’s not difficult.”

“Arabic countries are the worst on the list of censoring the Internet and are at the top of the list of antagonizing the freedom of the Internet,” said Eid. “But the Internet is still a good venue, because people are still able to express their views despite the government’s effort to curtail their efforts.”


Amerisrael said...

Been trying to find a recent update on Hamoud Saleh Al-Amri.

Unfortunately, the most recent post seems to be yours. This is August 2009. Where is Hamoud Saleh Al-Amri now?

From a Compass report issued when Al-Amri was first released, we know he was forbidden to leave Saudi Arabia or appear on media.

Since then, there does not seem to be any other news. Is he still alive?

Glenn Penner said...

He does seem to have dropped off of the map. I am afraid that we know nothing further about his/