Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oops. Parachute pattern in error

For those of you in Canada who receive our monthly newsletter, you will notice that in our April edition we have included a pattern for making parachutes that VOMC partners use drop Christian literature, shortwave radio and other evangelistic material from planes to FARC guerrillas in Colombia. Unfortunately, the printer made a serious error, resulting in the parachute pattern being considerably smaller than what is needed or indicated on the pattern. As we always have a short turn around time from the time that material is delivered and they are sent out from the mailing house, we did not notice this error until they had already been mailed out.

The measurements written on the pattern are correct (e.g. 22" diameter); it is simply the size of the actual printed pattern that is incorrect. Hence, you can't just cut it out and use it that way.

We are really sorry for this inconvenience and hope that many of you will continue to get involved in this project despite this.


Anne Springle said...

LOL - Well, anyone got a use for 14 beautifully decorated and covered in Spanish, too small, parachutes, done by my Grade 5/6 SS group?! no problem - but can someone confirm the real size - is the diameter 22"??
Thanks, Anne

Glenn Penner said...

Yes, the correct diameter is actually 22".

We feel really bad about this goof, although we really couldn't have done much about it as they were already mailed out before we had a chance to look at what the printer did.

Too bad the smaller ones won't work, but I have a feeling that if we dropped these from planes, we would end up "bombing" those we are trying to reach with the gospel. Can you imagine? Getting bombed by Bibles? :)