Friday, April 10, 2009

VOMC stands with formerly imprisoned pastor and family

In May 2007, Vyacheslav Kalataevsky, a Ukrainian pastor of a church in Turkmenistan, was given a three-year labour camp sentence for "illegally" crossing back into Turkmenistan in 2001 after he was deported from the country. After serving one year of the sentence, he was released and was sent to Ukraine.

Kalataevsky family VOMC staff and partners were recently able to visit with the Kalataevsky family in the city of Khartov. Eleven people, including children and grandchildren, share the small three room house, which was lent to family by a local church member. The living conditions are poor and the family struggles financially. The home is without indoor plumbing and there are not enough beds. They did not even have pillows for their heads!

Over a meal, the family shared some of the trials they'd faced for their faith. Thestove purchased by VOMC supporters entire family shone with the light of Jesus—even in their hardship they sang praises to God and spoke of His faithfulness. VOMC workers then presented them with a  special gift—pillows, a stove and extra food for the family. The whole family was deeply moved at this expression of love and concern from their Canadian brothers and sisters. "Never before has God used anyone to lavish such blessings on us!" Mrs. Kalataevsky said. She shared that her mother had recently made ten pillow cases for "when the pillows came"—even though no one was aware that such a gift was on its way! It is only through the generosity of our supporters that such special projects are possible. So thank you!

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