Thursday, May 21, 2009

Encouraging Sri Lanka

Yesterday I sent out the first batch of messages that a few of you sent to us to forward on to our co-workers in Sri Lanka.  Messages of hope and encouragement for those who are quite literally burning themselves out as they seek to serve the thousands of refugees displaced by recent fighting in their homeland. Here is the response I received by this morning:

Dear Glenn,

We are so touched and encouraged by their words and prayers. It is a very special thing to know that our brothers and sisters living thousands of miles away in Canada pray for us and think about us.

Our work is often difficult, tiring, stressful and dangerous. Particularly those who are right now working with the war IDPs in the camps. We will share these messages with all of our colleagues.

Please convey our thanks and deep appreciation to each one of your supporters who wrote in.

Thank you also and all at VOM C for your friendship and concern.


(Note: name concealed for security reasons)

I would really like to send more of these encouragement notes to these dear saints, these front-line workers who are risking much to be Christ’s hands and feet!  Won't you take a minute or two and be a blessing to your brothers and sisters today?   It will only cost you a little time but the encouragement that your words and prayers give these folks is valuable beyond measure.  Do it right now! Click here to send a message of love and encouragement and we will forward it to them right away.

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