Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pass it on

On occasion I look through the archives of some of our mission’s newsletters dating back to the late 1960’s. I am often struck by how important it was to Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand that those who were aware of the persecution of Christians tell others. In an August 1967 letter sent to supporters just prior to the first newsletter published in October, Richard closed with the words, “We thank all those who support our work and ask them to recruit new friends for it.” Early newsletter invariably had the words printed along the margins or at the bottom for all to read, “Read and pass it on.” In fact, if you look at the back page of our newsletter today, you will see that we continue this tradition by encouraging you to pass this newsletter on to one of your friends.

nl-may09 You see, we know that the best representatives of The Voice of the Martyrs are you, our readers and supporters. If you receive The Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter, you can have a vital part in this ministry by encouraging others to receive our monthly magazine. The Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter remains the only monthly magazine in Canada that specifically focuses on the testimonies and courage of today’s Persecuted Church. It is unique.

So pass it on. Tell others. Make use of our Tell a Friend page on our website and have us send a free subscription to someone whom you think would benefit from receiving it. Be a voice for the martyrs!

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