Thursday, May 07, 2009

How involved is the U.S. military in evangelism in Afghanistan?

To help you to get more information on the recent reports of U.S. soldiers being involved in evangelism in Afghanistan, check out these reports from Democracy Now and Travel the Road.  Please note that VOMC does not endorse the comments made in these (or any other non-VOMC) reports but they are helpful to get a broader perspective on this issue. 

It seems rather obvious that U.S. troops are involved in evangelism in Afghanistan. Among the questions to be answered is, is this inappropriate, in principle or is the problem in methodology (the way in which the gospel is being shared)?  Perhaps there is no problem in your opinion. Or perhaps you think that Christians soldiers have no business sharing the gospel at all. Is this really a U.S. constitutional issue, as presented in this program? If so, how?  We welcome your comments. Please note our comments policy, however.


Anonymous said...

People of faith live out their faith or they would be hypocrites, right? Part of that is the "Evangel" or telling the "good news". Muslims are also called to help people to understand Islam, I believe.
However, Christians should not be trying to change Muslims into Christians and vice versa (which happens too). Islam is not just a religion, it is also cultural. Jesus (called Issa Al Masih in the Qur'an) is a part of Islamic belief system as well as Christian.
We have much we can share in dialogue, but sadly, many Christians don't understand this..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (above) doesn't realize that Issa (Jesus in the Koran )is not the same Jesus whom Christians worship. Issa is merely one of a number of prophets to Muslims, and is emphatically not divine nor the Son of God, as He is to Christians. Both religions agree that there is one God who created the world, but Jesus is definitely not another similarity whihc we have in common.