Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This week’s recommended resources from The Voice of the Martyrs

I love books! My office both here at the mission and at home are full of them and I usually have 2-3 on the go at any one time.  This is a passion that was shared by Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, the founders of The Voice of the Martyrs, and so it is hardly surprising that making books on the persecuted church available to our friends and supporters has always been a part of our ministry.  We certainly don’t do it for the money as most of our books are sold close to cost or even below cost.  We simply believe that a knowledge of the persecuted church is part of what it means to be a healthy, growing Christian.

To that end, I am going to recommend 2-3 books every week from our online catalogue that I think would be valuable for our blog readers to get their hands on. I hope you find it helpful. Of course, we have other resources available too like DVDs, t-shirts, prayer wristbands, and posters (and I will mention them too, from time-to-time).  So here are my recommendations for this week.

Perpetua: A Bride, A Martyr, A Passion by Amy Rachel Peterson.

My wife is reading this right now and really enjoying it.  Perpetua is an historical novel based on the real life and death of a young Roman noblewoman who was martyred in the amphitheater of Carthage in 203 AD. While many martyrs were poor or illiterate, Perpetua was neither. A new mother, a noblewoman, wealthy, highly educated... she had much to lose, and she chose to give it all away for the privilege of dying for Jesus. ($15.00. Paperback. 394 pages).

Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights by Ezra Levant

Anyone concerned about religious liberty in Canada must read this book in my opinion. A creature of the civil rights era and its aftermath, Human Rights Commissions in Canada were supposed to be an equalizer to help the poor and powerless stand up to the rich and powerful. Today, in our increasingly tolerant society, they have morphed into a costly grievance industry. They now monitor political opinions, fine people for expressing politically incorrect viewpoints, and censor websites. Shakedown is a shocking and controversial look at the threat that radicalized human rights commissions pose to Canadian values, by one of the country's most plain-spoken political activists. It is a convincing, passionate plea to Canadians to reclaim their basic liberties. ($17.00. Hardcover, 216 pages).


Michelle said...

Fabulous idea! Thanks!

Glenn Penner said...

Glad you like the idea. I'll probably do it every Monday or Tuesday