Tuesday, September 01, 2009

DVD review: Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand - The Underground Pastor and His Wife

Our thanks to Katie Elias for this review of our new DVD, Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand - The Underground Pastor and His Wife


rsw Many years of reading the Persecution & Prayer Alert updates and Persecuted Weblog from The Voice of the Martyrs has recently brought me to watching a DVD called “Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand – The Underground Pastor and His Wife” that I received from The Voice of the Martyrs. This video, with much testimony from Richard & Sabina’s son, tells the story of this couple who were born into pre-World War II Romania. They preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all those they came into contact with, both in word and deed, endured many years of torture and imprisonment (almost dying) at the hands of the communist government that took over after WWII and were eventually ransomed and ended up in the U.S.A. where they started The Voice of the Martyrs to tell the story of what happened to Christians in Eastern Europe under communist rule.

“Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the LORD.” (Psalm 102:18). It is difficult to sum up what an encouragement and inspiration the life of Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand has been to me in a short 50-minute video. I praise God for the work He did in and through their lives to save many others, including communist prison guards who were their torturers.

The video did a great job of providing a lot of information in so little time (at least it felt like a short time!). The Romanian accents are difficult to understand at some points and you have the choice of subtitles in a three languages, so that's great. There isn’t anything I didn’t like about the video, but the background music could use a little improvement – at times it reminded me of cheesy educational videos in high school 20th century history class. Richard Wurmbrand mentions listening to Bach and Beethoven during his lifetime, so perhaps some of their pieces would have been good to include (maybe some of it was included and I didn’t pay close enough attention).

Anyhow, the point is that I highly recommend videos or books like this to all of you out there. A good place to start looking for resources like this is at The Voice of the Martyr’s online resource catalog, so check it out!

You can order this DVD online from The Voice of the Martyrs.

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