Wednesday, September 09, 2009

House church meeting raided in Vietnam (actual footage)

On Sunday August 23rd, 2009, a house church in Vietnam was meeting together for worship when the following incident took place. This is actual footage filmed by the church.


JW said...

I see the fellowship took place in a beauty salon. Apparently word must have gotten out to authorities about this fellowship? Authorities went to break it up? Are the authorities that hellbent that things like this should not be allowed? It is amazing how a fellowship where folks are singing their hearts to God is an offense to the state. Something to think about when a similiar event might happen here in America. They have been taken but God is right there with them.

Too bad I cannot speak Vietnamese so that I could hear the exchange of words as well as the singing going on.


Anonymous said...

Men in funny hats should not have such authority. That the footage survived to be shared is surprising.

Vietnam sure is no paradise.