Friday, September 25, 2009

Words from our founder

Two Christians each planted an apple tree in front of his house. When the time for reaping apples came, the first looked angrily at his tree: it bore not even one apple. When he approached his neighbour’s house, he became even angrier. The branches of his brother’s tree were cracking under the weight of beautiful fruits. He asked his brother, “Explain this to me. We planted our trees at the same time; we serve the same God. How is it that He gave you so many apples and none to me?” The other answered, “Perhaps you did not pray for your tree.” “What! Not pray?” said the first. “I prayed every day: ‘God, give rain; God, enough, now stop the rain. God, sun is needed now; too much now, it might scorch my tree.’ I never neglected prayer, and it was all in vain. How did you do it?” The brother replied, “I am not so keen at prayer as you are. I prayed only once, in the beginning, like this: ‘Father, I have planted an apple tree and wish to have fruit in due time. It is not for me to teach You how much sun and rain to give. You are a more ancient gardener than myself. You created Eden and all trees grow under Your direction. Grant me apples in due time.”

Excerpted from Richard Wurmband’s 100 Prison Meditations, p. 66. You can order a copy of this incredible book of sermons written by Pastor Wurmbrand while he was in prison for his faith from our online resource catalog.

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Arla M. said...

I have learned so much from this fruit bearing Christian - Pastor Wurmbrand. I believe that I have read every book written by Pastor Wurmbrand available through VOMC, and some of them, several times. Pastor Wurmbrand is my favorite pastor. I have been faced with a burden that he has coached me through with the thoughts and insights given through his writings. He has shown me the truly romantic side of loving Jesus, with nothing ever being too much for Him to ask of His Bride, the Church. I am indebted to Pastor Wurmbrand, for opening the scripture to me in a new and improved way. May his philosophy, that love is the best of ways, remain with all of us as we carry on the work that God has for us. My deepest thanks to God for the people at VOMC for carrying on the work of this exemplary friend of Jesus, and may the Lord provide and give a clear call to the new CEO for VOMC.