Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PRAYER REQUESTS: 山西教会受到迫害 The House Church in Shanxi Under Persecution

The following is from the website of the Fushan Church of Linfeng, Shanxi.

Brothers and Sisters of All Nations and everywhere:

About 3 am on September 13, 2009, the Shanxi government and officials had conducted a violent and bloody action towards the Fushan Church of Linfeng, Shanxi. They mobilized some 400 uniformed police and other violent elements to beat up our brothers and sisters-tens of them were hurt. Some were heavily harmed and unconscious and were sent to the hospital for emergency care with oxygen. Over one hundred were hurt in various degrees. Our assembly buildings, over ten locations were bull-dozed into piles of dirt with remnants of broken walls. TVs were taken; refrigerators were broken, damaged cars and kitchen-wares were everywhere. Even pigs, chickens and rabbits were not excluded. Vegetable fields and flower beds were turned into dirt piles. The church's as well as the members' money, Bibles, clothes, cell phones, etc. were robbed.

Please pray fervently for the badly hurt brothers and sisters' life and the severely damage house of the Lord in Fushan Church.

Gao: 15135730465
Yang: 13453716134
Zhang: 13834337715

All Church Members in Fushan Church, Linfeng, Shanxi



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