Monday, November 09, 2009

Buddhist monks attack Sri Lankan church

We have just received confirmation of the accuracy of this video of a November 5th attack on the Jesus Never Fails Good News Centre, No.351, Kaduwela Rd, Koswatta, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka by a mob lead by Buddhist monks.  This is the first time such an attack has been captured on film.  More details of the attacks will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, please remember this church in your prayers.


Floyd said...

It would be great to see if we can get a transcript of what is actually being said. I am sure it would be an eye opener.

Sri Lankan student abroad said...

Two women have died during a healing service in Colombo, few days before the attack on the church. These Buddhist extremist are using it as an excuse to
attack churches. If the pastor had done any wrong the courts are there. These
monks are scolding the pastor, saying that he is responsible for the deaths and he should be put behind bars. This
is foolish, because the two women have come voluntarily, not by force.

There are many people reported to have
died because of negligence of hospital staff and doctors in Sri Lanka. Why not protest against these cases?

Also how many innocent people have died in the war? Why not protest?
Why is the government still keeping people displaced by the war in camps? This is like slow death to th Tamil people?

Why are they still keeping the emergency law even though the war is over? probably because they can kill anyone without questions being asked?

This is not the only incident, I here from my family members who live in Sri Lanka that churches are being attacked in many parts of the country. Now these extremist have silenced the Tamils by killing them. Now it is time to wipe off Christians, while the government keeps its eyes closed.

The problem is deeply rooted in the sinhala people. They are easily aroused
to do violence. For instance the tamil
riots in the 80s.

I do not hate these mobs not the government. I do feel sorry for the state of our motherland. The love of Jesus is what we need. He is the only hope for our country.

Floyd said...

To the Sri Lankan student... thank you for your comments and the interesting points that you raised.

Greg Webb said...

I was in Sri Lanka Nov 9-16 and met Pastor Joseph, who pastors the Jesus Never Fails Church. He grew up in the Catholic Church and is from a Tamil background so the govt. may be afraid to protect him. All the Christians that I met are aware, and concerned, that they will not receive police protection if their churches are targeted.

Anonymous said...

These pastors who claim that he can heal people have done by-pass surgery in a private hospital. If can heal other people why can't heal himself. This is not Christianity. He is having a luxury car, house, and making loads of by collecting money from poor people in Jesus name.
He has killed 5 people so far…and threat their families to not to take any action against him, if this is you called Christianity. Then I say amen!