Thursday, November 05, 2009

New resources from The Voice of the Martyrs

We have been making some big changes on our online catalogue in recent weeks that I have been negligent in telling you about.  So, let me spend a few minutes telling you about some of the great new resources that we have available.

ebook E-books: We now have 46 different titles available in pdf format, ranging from children’s books to some of the classics by Richard Wurmbrand.  Some, like our Bold Believers activities books, are free.  None are priced over $5.00.

Family-oriented books & videos:mmc We have a number of new books and videos available available for all ages including the beautifully illustrated God’s Prisoner: The Richard Wurmbrand Story and the latest in the Torchlighter video series, The Perpetua Story

We also have just received a shipment of two incredible books that we are sure parents will want to get their hands. The Mission Minded Child and The Mission Minded Family are  invaluable resources in helping parent to raise children who have God’s mission for the world as a life-long priority. May I encourage you to order them today for yourself or for someone you know who has young children.

Reference: We have also just received a shipment of our books Restricted Nations: China and Restricted Nations: Iran that you will want to get your hands on. These small, easily accessible books are great introductions to the history and persecution facing Christians in these countries. I am also delighted to announce that we now have Mark Bradley’s excellent book Iran: Open Hearts in a Closed Land available to purchase online!

discount Discounts: We are also clearing out a number of resources at very affordable prices, including children’s books, posters, jewelry, baseball caps, t-shirts, and books.  Place your order today because once they are gone, we will not be ordering any more of these resources.

If you haven’t visited our online resource catalogue for a while, why not pop over  today?

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