Thursday, November 05, 2009

Update on house church raid in Vietnam

Back in September, we showed you a video we had received from a house church in Vietnam that was raided by authorities as they were worshipping. This church had been raided before. Local officials told the house church they did not have official permission to meet, so they could not have religious meetings.

Since this initial report we have received both an update as to what happened and we have been able to get the video subtitled into English so that you can understand what was being said during the raid. 

Church members reported:

On Sunday, August 23, 2009, we were still gathering together for service meeting since this is necessary spiritual need. At 3 p.m., many district security officers came into my house. At that time, we were having service meeting, they came and stopped and dismissed us. We stopped and explained to them we had made the application of permission already, but they still blustered. Several of them towed Brother --- out to the house and had him sit on their motorbike. They did the same way to ---. They oppressed him ruthlessly and towed him; they did not allow for him to speak a word. And other women were towed away also. They did take away one guitar but they did not make a report to taking away guitar. After arriving at the district police station, they made the report with the accusation:  “They are gathering together illegally.” They used the abuse words and threatened Brother ---: “If you came back this place again; you will be beaten.” … and at 6:30 p.m. they released us.

Please remember this church and others like it in Vietnam who continue to worship Christ despite opposition.

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