Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CHRC keeping record of critics

Apparently Jennifer Lynch, chief commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, is keeping a "file" on those who are publicly speaking out against the CHRC. In a recent interview, she said.

"Please, please, look. We have experienced 16 months of invective hurled at us, and at any time when anybody has tried to speak up and correct misinformation, gross distortions, caricaturizations, then the very next day there's been some full-frontal assault through the blogs, through mainstream media. I have a file. I'm sure I have 1,200, certainly several hundred of these things."

How does it make you feel to know that if you dare to publicly raise a voice in criticism of the Canadian Human Rights Commission that they are keeping record of it? 

In a recent speech, Ms. Lynch objected to human rights commissions and their employees being described by such terms as “Gestapo”.  But isn’t it just this kind of unwarranted information gathering that characterizes such organizations? 

Guess Ms. Lynch has another entry for her “file”.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the HRC is downright frightening. Who will they target next if they are keeping files like this in a democracy? They are indeed the Gestapo.

I'm only posting anononmous, not because I'm afraid of these people at the HRC (though I guess I should be afraid of them based on their behaviour) but because I don't yet have a Google account!

Thanks for alerting us, Glen and God bless you.


Anonymous said...

It is fear on our side that makes the activities of the HRC so daring in curtailing our freedom.Let us all stand up for our princoples in a way that respects our fellow man and be willing to accept the consequences.No price is too high for freedom of speech in love.And ESPECIALLY for those among us who believe that the first commandment to us is given in the bible.Love the Lord your God with all your heart,mind,soul and body and your neighbour as yourself.
So speak up against abortion and the attack on marriage,which are the pillars for a healthy society.And anything else that contradicts the God given laws.
Suzanna Meyer

Anonymous said...

Where is our government, why is PM Harper doing nothing while this fascist political court and anti Christian front is persecuting Canadians. Time for us all to write PM Harper and demand he rid us of these thugs.