Monday, June 08, 2009

VOMC’s Biblical Conduct Requirements

The right of Christian organizations to insist that staff comply with a specified moral code or biblical conduct requirements is increasingly being challenged in Western society as a recent article in the National Post pointed out.

We at The Voice of the Martyrs believe that the right to require biblically defined ethical conduct from our staff and volunteers is not only proper but essential. The following is the Biblical Conduct Requirements that we require that our staff, Board members and volunteers sign before they join us and reaffirm annually.

Biblical Conduct Requirements

1. Conduct of The Voice of the Martyrs' employees and volunteers must reflect the Voice of the Martyrs' Biblical foundations, endorse the Christian commitment of the membership and reflect Jesus Christ to the community.

2. The Voice of the Martyrs requires all employees and volunteers to adhere to Biblical standards of conduct during and outside of working hours. The Biblical standards include: obey Jesus’ commandment to His disciples—echoed by the apostle Paul—to love, cherish and serve the needs of one another. This command requires total respect for all people regardless of race, gender, location, status, or stage of life and of course, precludes harming another person physically or maligning another's character through gossip, slander, or careless talk. It also includes making a habit of edifying others, showing compassion, demonstrating unselfishness, and displaying patience.

3. Any departure from the requirements set out herein is likely to cause serious harm to The Voice of the Martyrs, including, without limitation: (1) putting into question the sincerity of our Christian message; (2) putting into question the integrity of the leadership and of other employees or volunteers of The Voice of the Martyrs; (3) causing a general loss of trust in our leaders, employees and volunteers; and (4) causing a loss of prayer and financial support from our Christian members and supporters.

4. Without limiting the generality of the above, The Voice of the Martyrs strictly prohibits the following conduct: pre-marital sexual activity (fornication), extra-marital sexual activity (adultery), participation in “common law” relationships, homosexual and lesbian sex or conduct, viewing of pornography in any form, excessive use of alcoholic beverages, use of illicit drugs, participation in the procuring of an abortion, involvement in euthanasia, racist conduct, adherence to or participation in sectarian or cult organizations, any conduct contrary to the Criminal Code (Canada), and promotion of any of the above conduct or activity.

5. The Voice of the Martyrs believes in the sanctity of human life and values the family model as endorsed by Jesus Christ as being fundamental.

6. Employees or volunteers of The Voice of the Martyrs are encouraged to immediately contact the Chief Executive Officer and discuss any departure from the above-mentioned requirements.

7. While The Voice of the Martyrs requires all employees or volunteers to strictly adhere to God's requirements for us in the Bible, including the above requirements, The Voice of the Martyrs will attempt to work grace and reconciliation with God in the lives of employees or volunteers who depart from such requirements. Any employee or volunteer, however, who refuses to repent and reconcile with God, his or her church and The Voice of the Martyrs and its membership, cannot continue as an employee or volunteers of The Voice of the Martyrs.

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