Sunday, June 21, 2009

This week’s recommended resources from The Voice of the Martyrs (June 21-27)

This week, I am recommending three books by our founder, Richard Wurmbrand. These are probably my three favourite Wurmbrand books.

Reaching Toward the Heights 

After being out of print for a few years, this wonderful 365-day devotional by Pastor Wurmbrand is back!  Pastor Wurmbrand draws upon his own experience in prison and the testimonies of other persecuted Christians to encourage us to elevate our relationship with the Lord. ($10.00 Paperback, 383 pages)

Proofs of God's Existence

The questions of God's existence and absolute truth are not new. But as our founder Richard Wurmbrand writes, they are critical to both the atheist and the Christian. Will the atheist embrace or reject God, and will the Christian live a life that reflects our Creator? This is not an apologetics book written for sceptics but written to provide some answers to critical questions of those who are open for answers, who desire knowledge and who prefer the light of truth to the darkness of ignorance. Formally only available in India. Now you can enjoy it too. ($7.00. Paperback, 166 pages)

In God’s Underground

This is my favourite book by Pastor Wurmbrand!  This inspiring drama  is the most complete telling of the story of Richard Wurmbrand's imprisonment for his faith by hard-line Communists in Romania. Sentenced to "life" in a death room, he was able to rejoice in his Lord amid the most horrific conditions. It is a story of triumphant faith. ($7.00. Paperback, 276 pages)

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