Sunday, June 28, 2009

This week’s recommended resources from The Voice of the Martyrs (June 28-July 4)

With the eyes of the world focused in Iran and the Middle East, it is critical that Christians understand the truth of Islam and how Christianity is alive, though persecuted, in the Islamic world.  Here are just a few of the great resources available from The Voice of the Martyrs that can help you to put world events in perspective and help you to pray more effectively for the work of God in the region.  Be sure to check out our many new arrivals, specials and discounts that are also available online.

idfgIran: Desperate for God. Compiled by Voice of the Martyrs 
An oppressive Islamic state drives its people into the arms of God! Despite the tremendous oppression in Iran, an intense spiritual hunger is breaking out across the country. The salvation of Jesus Christ is sweeping through one of the most oppressive terrorist nations on earth. How can it be? Read seven testimonies of Muslims who found true freedom. ($8.00. Hardcover, 152 pages, 2006)

jtj From Jihad to Jesus by Jerry Rassamni
Jerry Rassamni was a militant Muslim who hated Christians and warred against them. From Jihad to Jesus will take you on Jerry's personal journey as he is transformed by the hand of God from a militant during the Lebanese Civil War. After recounting his physical jihad (struggle) against Christians, the narrative briskly shifts to Jerry's spiritual jihad (struggle) into enlightenment as he attempted to refute the Bible. This book reveals gripping evidence that led Jerry to abandon Islam and embrace Christ as his Savior. ($15.00. Paperback, 240 pages)

tmit The Myth of Islamic Tolerance edited by Robert Spencer
This collection of articles sets out to debunk the theory that Islam is the tolerant religion that many claim it to be. The Myth of Islamic Tolerance: How Islamic Law Treats Non-Muslims brings to light the deeply ingrained historical, cultural, and religious elements of a profound modern crisis--the violence, fanaticism, and contempt for outsiders that characterizes much of the Islamic world today. Anyone concerned about the dangers of politically motivated distortions of Islamic theology and history should not miss this explosive and enlightening volume. ($30.00. Hardcover, 593 pages)

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