Monday, June 08, 2009

This week’s recommended resources from The Voice of the Martyrs (June 7-13)

It has been said that the best motivational books are real-life stories, biographies of those who have shown us, through, their lives what it means to follow Jesus with dedication and passion. Since its founding, The Voice of the Martyrs has been telling the stories of such men and women. Here are just a few:

Total Abandon by Gary Witherall
What does Jesus mean when he asks us to count the costs of serving him? Gary and Bonnie Witherall, a vibrant young couple, were called by God to love the people of Lebanon. Willingly obeying that call, Bonnie gave herself to loving and serving impoverished Palestinian women at a clinic for the poor in Sidon--and lost her life as a modern day martyr for Jesus Christ. This is Gary's story of their love, their commitment to Jesus' great commission, and their lasting legacy: a powerful challenge to live a life totally abandoned to God. ($15.00. Paperback, 176 pages)

Stories from China: Fried Rice for the Soul by Luke Wesley
This book of 52 meditations, written by Luke Wesley, a missionary to China, will enlighten the reader to the spiritual power God gives to believers in the midst of persecution. It will also impress upon readers the urgent need to pray for believers who live in restricted areas of the world. ($8.00. Paperback, 152 pages)

Why Haven’t You Left? by Marc Nikkel
Marc Nikkel was renowned around the world for his passionate commitment to the Jieng (Dinka) people of Southern Sudan. For 20 years, before his death in 2000 after a long battle with cancer, Marc gave his life so that the songs of suffering and voices of hope of Christians in Southern Sudan could ring to the ends of the earth. Here, for the first time, are his collected missionary letters. This book is fundamentally the story of Marc's love for Sudan and the story of Sudanese Christians' love of their God who would not leave them in the face of persecution, poverty, war, and death. (24.00. Paperback, 207 pages)

A Martyr's Grace by Marvin J. Newell   
In the history of Moody Bible Institute, twenty-one of its graduates have been martyred for their faith as they followed the Lord to nations around the world. Read their faith-filled journeys as God is glorified through these brothers and sisters who gave their all for Christ. ($10.00. Paperback, 223 Pages)

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