Monday, June 08, 2009

“I’m beating you because God tells me to do so”

This afternoon, we received a report from our partners at ChinaAid telling us how Pastor Hua Huiqi had been beaten and detained by Chinese police on June 4. The following is how Pastor Hua described his experience:

My name is Hua Huiqi. Before June 4 of this year, I went to a church outside of Beijing and shared the words of God with some brothers and sisters. On the morning of June 5 as I was transferring trains at TaiyuanPastor-Hau-Huiqi-beaten-Jun Railroad Station, I was arrested by the police officers from Shaanxi and Fengtai, Beijing who had been laying in ambush there for a long time. I was taken to the hotel where they were staying. A team leader named Dong from Fengtai District Domestic Security Protection Squad of Beijing roughed me up and slapped me in the face over 10 times. My clothes were ripped open, and they beat me for nearly half an hour.

In the meantime, one officer pinched me on the neck and said: “I’m going to strangle you, and I’d like to see whether you can still preach the gospel. If you go outside the town again, I’ll break your legs.” He also threatened me: “I’m beating you because God tells me to do so. I’ll get all the materials ready in three months and arrest both you and your wife for sentencing.” I asked him, “What law did we break?” He said, “Just because you believe in Jesus. Our Domestic Security Protection Squad is specially set up here to suppress you Jesus believers. We won’t allow you to stir up trouble and establish contacts everywhere. You must apply at our Domestic Security Protection Squad when you want to go out. We won’t allow you to get out of our sight. Otherwise, whenever you go out, we’ll beat you at once and break your legs.”

On that same afternoon, over 10 police officers escorted me back to Beijing from Taiyuan and detained me in a valley between two mountains where they guarded me day and night. Later, because of prayers from brothers and sisters and appeals by ChinaAid, the officers escorted me back home on the evening of June 7, and I’m still not free at this moment. I hope brothers and sisters the world over can pray for the Chinese police and beg God to show His grace and let them repent and believe in Jesus. I also hope they pray that we may freely preach the Gospel and live a free life.

Member in Christ,
Hua Huiqi

Please uphold Pastor Hua in your prayers as he is receiving treatment at home.


joe said...

how terrible this is
But thank u for letting me know about the pastors situation
I hope his elderly mother is ok

inhisservice said...

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. As we get together with our families and fellowship let us not forget our Christian families as well; specifically those who are not able to freely give thanks as we do.